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The official web-site for David Siegel's theatrical and filmic musics
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Hi, I'm David, and thanks for stopping by. I'm a song-writer/composer/music guy. I really love writing music for film/video projects, theatrical productions, and really a wide variety of purposes. I've written in a pretty wide range of genres, and I'd love to even expand out more. I love scoring for film situations because it really is a kick to write something to support a director's specific vision - and even moreso if I nail what they're looking for on my first go-round. It's an interesting dance, reading a director's mind; I dig it.
I also work as a Producer in the world of video games in my non-music time.

Most Recent Work:
A bunch of "inspirational" film-music type songs:
We were tasked by the lovely and talented Damon and Chris of Paper Dog Video with doing 5 different film-music style "inspirational" songs. Being me, I wanted to make them each as different from one another as possible but still solve the problem that we were there to solve. It all sort of has a Jonsi thing going on. Anyway, here's what we got:
- Inspirational 1 - Bringing the Jonsi stylings.
- Inspirational 2 - Peppy and melodic! Ooh!
- Inspirational 3 - 3/4 style - clean & breezy.
- Inspirational 4 - Dance Strings & Pop Music. Ish.
- Inspirational 5 - Phoenix/Clap Your Hands Say Yeah meets Jonsi.

Other Stuff:
Jira 6 Promo:

- Space Wizards! A comedy short I did the music for.
- Songs intended for various films that never panned out, that might end up in a musical:
- "Take Me Away". Featuring Alicia Dennis and myself on vocals.
- "Things We Can't Believe" - Sketch

- An ambient song (in the Brian Eno sense) I did for a film project by a director named Robin Dunn some time ago:
- Ambient Song

- Here about El Pulpo? Hi there, old-timer. You're nice. It's over here. The music thereof, I mean. Fancy old times. You can also find it on my full resume page, down there at the bottom...

- All music here licensed under a Creative Commons non-commercial kinda license. Drop a line if you want, you know, a commercial thing, & we can discuss giving you the business. Creative Commons License
These works by David Siegel are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.
Based on a work at www.davidsophia.com.

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